March 2012

The Monty Lot - 'Waste It Away'

Charmingly lo-fi, '90s inspired garage pop.

Leeroy - 'Missed Connections'

I'm always fond of those bands who play emo like it was before it lost its nerve. Emo sounded great before it became a blubbering plastic mess of a genre. May we never forget its punk roots.

The Lusitania - 'Spoils of War'

You don't often see the folk, grunge, and punk tags all hanging out together on the same record, and if you do, you probably don't expect it to be good. But Bandcamp has surprises for me every single day. Here's one of them, a retrospective off a great album released on Leatherfist Records in 2007. It ends up being more guitar-centered alt-country than any of the above tags, but there you go.